The Ultimate Cultural Experience

Galicia, Madrid, Barcelona, Costa del Sol...Spain offers it all!

For thousands of years Spain has been a remarkable, cultural mecca of Europe. Travel to Spain should be in everyone's travels plans.... whether you fly there via Lufthansa, American Airlines and Delta Airlines or travel via Holland America or the Queen Mary, Spain is one place you will want to visit. It has many beautiful cities and towns, offering thousands of monuments and, likewise, a tremendous mix of architecture, history, art and human spirit.

With a rich Celtic, Moorish and Roman background, Spain is renowned for its authentic European cities. Such an assortment of cities makes the country a traditionally popular place to visit, even among other Europeans. Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Valencia, Salmanca, Toledo, Seville are just a few culturally rich centers of interest.

Mingle with local Spaniards' and enjoy their passion for partying. Get your hands on Spain's famous tapas as you skip from bar to bar, before heading off to enjoy Spain's infamous nightlife. Then revitalize the senses with cultural pastimes like bullfighting, opera, futbol (soccer), flamenco, painting, literature and flamboyant, colorful fiestas.

Three favorite destinations in Andalusia are the Costa de Almería, Costa Tropical and Costa del Sol. They are popular with tourists looking for warm, leisurely beaches, shops, entertainment facilities and of course the sun and sea. On the Malaga Coast, you can visit Marbella, the undisputed holiday capital of the region and upmarket resort that attracts world famous personalities to its shores.

The infamous Canary Islands have an exceptional year-round climate with unrivaled beaches where you can enjoy the sun and sea at any time of the year. The spectacular, rolling sand dunes of Maspalomas in Gran Canaria are a must see for any beach lover.

In the north, the winding rivers and lush, green forests of Galicia offer a picture perfect landscape not usually associated with Spain. In contrast to the Moorish-influenced south, Galician culture traces its routes to a Celtic origin. And everywhere are traces of Spain’s rich and varied past. From the Alhambra in Granada to Don Quixote’s windmills in La Mancha, Spain is a must for anyone wanting to go to Europe.

The areas of Castile & León, Castile-La Mancha and La Riojam, along with the farmlands of Extremadura, offer the traveler memsmerizing views with wide open horizons, great fields of wheat, river valleys, and tiny villages. The cities here are steeped in history, with many artistic and monumental sights to see. The highest peaks in Spain are the Pyrenees mountains and the Sierra Nevada range where visitors can find extraordinary skiing resorts and activities. These areas are home to peaceful alpine lakes and glaciers, national parks, game reserves and adventure facilities for families and individuals alike.

May, June and September insure excellent weather while avoiding the influx of summer tourists. Winter along the southern and southeastern Mediterranean coasts is mild, while in the height of summer you can retreat to the northwest, to beaches or high mountains anywhere to escape the heat.

For anyone who visits a foreign country, travel accommodations are of utmost importance. Private tours are offered through various agencies which take travelers on individualized tours full of history, culture, food and fun. For those who feel more inclined to blend in with the locals, a self-designed tour is in order. Buses and other modes of transportation are availabe for the more adventurous traveler. Even local housing is available all throughout the country.

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